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About Us

We see the world in colour but we make a statement with black!

Our brand is Gold, Brave + Strong.

We have proudly created an energetic, edgy + youthful brand.

With our level of distinctive style in design, we encourage the kind of sass + confidence that absolutely raises the bar.

A touch of sophistication complimented by a bad ass attitude; leaves you wanting more.

We have created a label of children’s clothing that ignites the original attitude of our everyday warriors.

We are an urban style through a curated mix of effortless essentials + statement pieces.

We all love that basic black tee but with warriors it’s created with the intent to instill confidence whilst worn, even

Our ‘basic’ designs are created to make a slight statement.

The fresh thoughts behind our designs is what makes us unique on so many levels.

Forever inspired by the heartbeat of the streets, the energetic soul’s of her wild + brave mind – Liz Csapo promises to continue to break the mould of mainstream fashion + release the fearless warrior.

A luxurious label that is beyond value for money will continue to challenge society.

Wild Warriors breaks boundaries setting the standards for children’s fashion, all whilst inspiring the individuality of our world wide warriors.